The Eighties

Getting to the top is one thing, staying there is quite another. During the 1980s, Tim continued his streak and bombarded the charts with a collection of unforgettable hits. The decade started off hot with the big hit “Você e Eu, Eu e Você (Juntinhos)”, and kept on fire during all the following years.

Steering Through the Seas of Success

No one could touch him during the 1980s, Tim Maia reigned supreme as the most popular singer in Brazil. No other recording artist managed to get so many hits in such a consistent manner.

consistent manner. In 1981, "Do Leme ao Pontal", released on the B side of the single "Amiga", was hot all summer and became one of his unforgettable classics.

IIn 1982, with Sandra de Sá, he recorded the vibrant "Vale Tudo".

IIn 1983, the LP “O Descobridor dos Sete Mares” rapidly became another blockbuster that shot up the charts and was played on radios all across the country, especially the title song “ O Descobridor dos sete Mares” (Michel and Gilson Mendonça) and the romantic ballad “Me dê Motivo” (Michael Sullivan/Paulo Massadas).

In 1985, he repeated the winning partnership with Sullivan and Massadas and recorded “Um Dia de Domingo”, in a duet with Gal Costa.

And it continued in this manner until the end of the decade in which songs like "Telefone", "Pede a Ela", "Leva", "Pudera", "Paixão Antiga", "Tudo em Cima" and so many others that moved the people and made them dance.